Mom’s making lemonade – what’s your excuse?

Mom’s making lemonade – what’s your excuse?

Over the last week, shelter-in-place restrictions due to Covid-19 have turned the work landscape upside down.

This is one story of how one person, given lemons, has made lemonade.

Mom turned 89 last week.  She has been a lifetime pianist, still does performances at senior homes several times each month, and has been teaching now for about 65 years, currently with about 5-10 weekly students.

Mom then and now

The new workplace rules prevent in-person lessons, and as anyone who ever took piano lessons knows, skills deteriorate quickly.  This is not good when you’re a piano teacher.  You need your students to continue to move forward with their skills.

So, with guidance from a former piano student (now at MIT), Mom decided she would try to teach remotely.

And that is exactly what she’s done.

chrome zoom

As she described it excitedly yesterday:

It’s really very easy.  I’m using Chrome, and the Zoom app.  My students (aged 7-17) are quite capable of setting up a camera to show their hands on the keyboard.  I send them an invitation, give them the code, and off we go.  I see their hands, and they see me.  It actually works better for the younger students because they are forced to figure things out for themselves”.

Mom online

Mom has successfully completed her first 5 online teaching sessions, with more to come.

She did not have this skill last week.

What barriers are you facing?  What’s your excuse? 

Love you, Mom.  And yes, I’m washing my hands.


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  1. Dave that is SO awesome!!! Good for your mom!!

    My mom teaches adult literacy as a volunteer and she Facetimed w her student today! Go moms go! 🙂

    Hope you’re well and staying safe –


    Susan A. Silver President Argentum Strategy Group cell 312-371-8036

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  2. Amazing lady!


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    BRILLIANT!  Love this Dave  Jill BlanchardMobile:  847 910


  4. Robin Roumeliotis

    Your mom is completely rocking it! No puns intended. Kudos to her for adapting and learning so quickly. P.S. I definitely see the resemblance to her son in her younger days. Be well, Dave.


  5. Hi Dave – love this posting! Hope you and your family stay safe.

    Stay in touch,


    Marci Hackel
    Cell: 215-872-6392



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