The Armchair MBA’s mission is, through observation of current news items, to provide a perspective that might have some use in the practice of marketing.  And we hope to do it in a way that isn’t boring, self-congratulatory or pedantic.  At some point we hope to have developed enough meaningful observations that we can convert to a fee-based syndication service and retire to a warm island with wi-fi.

Until then, hope you enjoy, and if you have any ideas for posts, please don’t be shy – – let me know.


The Armchair MBA has now been enjoyed in 145 countries (according to the geopolitics of the good folks at WordPress):145 Countries


Finally, this blog is dedicated to the memory of my most supportive associate and best bud, Nigel.  11/15/03 – 1/18/15.  RIP.

And Rizzo, Nigel’s able successor.  Born 11/6/16.

Nigel post-skunkNIGEL






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  1. Thank you for the compliments and kind words. Years in the making, Schmacon™ is coming to market and I’m thrilled and humbled by the response it is receiving! Best, howard bender



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